Choosing a Spruce

Choose from three different Spruces...

See price list for more information.

Norway Spruce
  • The traditional Christmas tree.

  • Freshly cut to retain needles.

  • Sizes from 3ft to 20ft.

  • 2ft to 5ft also available as pot grown trees.

  • Cut trees 3ft to 7ft from £15.00
Silver Spruce
  • A delicate tree with a silvery tint.

  • Cut trees 12ft to 22ft from £100.00
Blue Spruce
  • Exotic blue colour.

  • Open branches - decorates well.

  • Rather prickly - not ideal for small children.

  • Cut trees 5ft to  7ft from £30.00
  • Cut trees 8ft to 18ft from £55.00